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Manager's Performance

30 Jul 2014

When a Manager is appointed, various expectations over achievements and behaviour will have been negotiated and together with developing a no surprises process of performance reviews this provides a sound basis for building open collaboration and trust between the Manager and the Board.

Praise for a Manager’s key achievements helps create the right climate for acceptance of criticism of areas or tasks needing improvement and in doing so, also builds teamwork with the Board. This open approach eliminates the risk of discussions on a Manager’s performance occurring only when negative events or performance have occurred. If that was to happen too often, the Manager could feel aggrieved that excellent efforts are not appropriately recognised.

Progress reviews during an annual planning year give opportunities for the correction of any weaknesses or areas of poor performance and can identify areas needing improvement. The review process assists in ensuring that there are no surprises of the outcomes arising from the annual formal review. Such progress reviews should also cover personal behaviour and development as well as the performance of key tasks.

Good processes and a sound policy on Manager’s remuneration reviews should define the expectations for such reviews, and be kept separate from performance reviews.

See "How is a Manager’s Performance Reviewed" for practical briefing on aspects to consider regarding this task

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