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Board Member Induction

20 Aug 2014

A well prepared and thought out induction programme for new Board Members can be very valuable to enable their early and sound contribution to the Board’s deliberations. Such an induction can also give Board Members a rare chance to visit and explore the organisation at the grassroots level which will add a deeper understanding of Board decisions in the years ahead.

A thorough induction to the Board and the organisation also deepens new Board Members understanding and belief in the ethos of the organisation, its values and its mission. As well, the performance and retention of Board Members can be improved by an appropriate Board induction process to bring the new appointee up to speed with the organisation’s current activities and issues.

What does an induction cover?

The induction process should familiarise new Board Members with how the Board operates, how it gives the organisation direction, current Board activities, meet other Board Members and personnel of the organisation. Also, the following should be provided:

-          The Board Trust Deed or Constitution

-          Current Board Policies

-          Recent Board meeting minutes and reports

-          Strategic plans

-          Annual business plan and budget

-          A summary of recent financial history

-          Recent audit or external review reports

New Board Members should sign confidentiality agreements for any sensitive information they receive and be encouraged to do due diligence of the organisation and its activities before they accept appointment to the board.

See in our solutions tab for ‘How are new Board Members inducted” for practical tutorial to come up to speed on the induction of new board members to your board

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