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Board Review Due?

23 Jul 2015

Needed but too challenging? Email for a free simple self appraisal for you and your board.

Complete it confidentially in your own office. Takes only ten minutes. Then for a summarised result, email back to the Board Secretary, Chair, or to me if complete privacy is desired.

The outcome? A sound basis for setting Board development goals that will blow your mind how effective and simple it is.

Eric Livingstone

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Planning the ideal composition of your Board

15 Oct 2014

Each organisation has different requirements for an effective board composition on which to base the selection and appointment of new board members. Also to be considered is that the replacement of long-standing board members risks the loss of key skills and leadership which needs careful planning during the selection of new board members....

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Manager's Performance

30 Jul 2014

When a Manager is appointed, various expectations over achievements and behaviour will have been negotiated and together with developing a no surprises process of performance reviews this provides a sound basis for building open collaboration and trust between the Manager and the Board....

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Inappropriate Behaviour and the Downfall of Ethical Standards

02 Jul 2014

Ethical standards are key in keeping inappropriate behaviour within an organisation under control so that an organisation's culture can continue to flourish....

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Is Your Board or Committee Chair Too Nice?

11 Jun 2014

We often appoint someone as chair because everyone likes them, they are popular, and they get on well with everyone. Is that why some boards and committees fail to achieve what they set out to do? A key factor to successful boards is that they have chairs who ensure things get done, who target the strategic issues, and who ask the ‘difficult to ask’ questions....

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