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How We Help

Boards come in many shapes and sizes, yet most of their issues and problems have a common seam running through them.

Years of hands on and practical experience supported with traditional board governance methodology forms this in-depth repository of invaluable solutions. These will assist boards, owners and managers to obtain good well-grounded governance practices that will hold true to the values and aspirations of your board’s vision for the future.

Our solutions are written and presented in a way that every person will have the confidence to sit at the board table as an equal, able to contribute to solving that issue with confidence.

How to use our solutions

From our extensive range of solutions, you make your selection of tutorials that meets your immediate need, or methodically work through them all to improve your governance knowledge. They can be purchased singularly or in sets of grouped topics. Make your selection, add to your shopping cart, then make payment and download the printable tutorials for use by yourself or in group training sessions.

Each solution provides:

Customised additional support is also available by email or phone.

Our support services

We can assist with your individual needs either by 15 minute email or phone coaching to assist in coping with your special requirements. Coaching services are only chargeable when you decide you have received appropriate benefit.

We also offer extended support with in-house consulting or mentoring which has given many clients huge benefits and this can be supplemented with customised workshops to gain ‘buy-in’ by your people and to address your specific needs.

Our approach

We pride ourselves in always providing our clients with solutions tailored to their needs on a ‘win-win’ basis. We enjoy sharing our experience and skill set with others for the good of our communities and benefit to you is an overriding consideration for us.

What does this mean for you?

We aim to provide solutions relevant to your individual needs and will endeavour to assist where your needs are unique. Make contact with us directly should you require extra assistance or wish to give us feedback on your experience in using our solutions.

We will give initial free email or phone support should you have difficulty in using our tutorials. Should you make a genuine error in purchasing the wrong solution we invite you to contact us by email or phone for a replacement tutorial. This is our guarantee.

We give you complete rights to use the solutions in any way fit within the organisation you have purchased them for so they are of lasting benefit to you and your organisation.

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