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How does a board control expenditure?

If you are on a board of directors that issues over unplanned expenditure, you may be seeking ways to suggest how this can be corrected. This tutorial gives you a sound understanding of how a board can exercise its responsibility for all company expenditure and be able to suggest improvements when your board addresses this.

You should purchase this tutorial if:

  • Your board does not have effective control over unexpected levels of company expenditure
  • You are aware of unauthorised expenditure being incurred in the company
  • You are concerned that budgets are not being used in current expenditure controls that appear to be ineffective
  • Your board does not review expenditure controls when unexpected expenditure occurs
  • The financial reports to your board do not adequately address cash shortfalls caused by unplanned expenditure

This tutorial will teach you:

  • How the board can achieve improved control over expenditure within the company
  • What your board should have in a board policy for the authorisation of expenditure
  • What role key performance indicators can play in identifying unplanned expenditure areas
  • Of the need for separate processes and controls for some types of company expenditure
  • The value of internal audits in ensuring expenditure controls are effective

After you finish this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Contribute to your board reviews of company expenditure and its control
  • Work with other directors to improve the company’s processes for expenditure control
  • Be an effective board member in discussions on this issue

For multiple use rights of our solutions including associated policies we have packages of 5 tutorials inclusive of initial training available. The investment is NZ$6,000.00 plus GST.

The investment for single use rights of this tutorial solution is NZ$620.00 plus GST  and for the each policy by itself is NZ$120.00 plus GST. Supportive training is an additional investment above the individual pricing of the tutorial solution or policy.

Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can ascertain that they will be met by the individual tutorial you are purchasing.

PRICE: $620.00 excluding GST


If you aren't sure if this tutorial is the right one for you, please feel free to send us an email and tell us about your current situation. We'll send you a reply within 24 hours and let you know if it's the right one for you, and if not, which tutorial would better solve the issues you're currently experiencing.

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